We are fully transparent – here is everything about us

We started this venture as a necessity for our friends. With time, it became a prolific service.

We had friends complaining about the lack of a fully understanding service that will not rip them off. So said, so done. Our project got notoriety overnight and it is now one of the leading companies in this industry, with over 25 employees.

Growing takes time, but we believe our values and hard work have taken us where we are today.


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  • 21.09.201801

    The first award recognizing our hard work

    We received the award for the new company with the fastest growth and we can only thank customers for it. We tried our best and somehow, we managed to do it right.

  • 05.07.201802

    The 100th project in film making

    It took us a while and getting there was a tedious and time consuming project. But once we got our 100th project, we knew that we were going in the right direction.

  • 14.04.201803

    The expansion from a small local shop

    We spent quite a while in a small and uncomfortable office, which was the home of our operations. However, the necessity of an upgrade became obvious when our team expanded.


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